The most compelling experience I have creating art is feeling that at any moment during the process anything seems possible. It is a great adventure of self discovery. The solitude of the studio is the place of continuing growth where I explore the contradictions and the polarities within myself. There I construct and deconstruct, seeking randomness and at the same time seeking order.

     The genesis of my work is the painting of random marks, which then reveal forms, usually of the human figure. I am most interested in portraying warm-blooded things, human and animal. In my latest work I am sometimes inspired by photographs as source material for my investigation of the emerging figures. The central part of my fascination is in glimpsing the characters and the story that begins to arise through following my intuition in the act of painting. Stylistically, I strive for an ordered, conceivably representational image, but I want to come to it through the unexpected. I feel I express something more profound and universal by allowing the work to develop somewhat by chance than if I began painting with a certain intention. I want to explore beneath the surface of conscious human life, painting what is basic and fundamental, and in that process there are always questions left unanswered about the identity of the figure(s) who seem to beckon the viewer, to be “seen” and their stories “known”.